Sunanda Sharma – Sandal


Jass Records present their latest song of 2019 ‘Sandal’ by Punjabi singer ‘Sunanda Sharma’, the music for ‘Sandal’ is by Sukh-e and the lyrics for the new song are penned by Jaani.

Having tasted success outside of Punjab via Bollywood ‘Sunanda Sharma’ is now looking to break that market as an artist without the need of a Bollywood film. ‘Sandal’ is aimed very much at the pop market in India and if she can replicate the success that Sukh-E is getting in that market, than she might well be onto a winner. As for her more traditional market, maybe we will just wait until the next release.

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Song : Sandal
Singer : Sunanda Sharma
Lyricist : Jaani
Music : Sukh-E


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