Sunanda Sharma Told To Apologize For ‘Patake’ Song Lyrics?!


So it was not just Sidhu Moose Wala’s mother who got a letter from Pandit Rao, the professor has also sent a letter to Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma asking her to explain her lyrics to the song ‘Patake’.

Patake is the song that put Sunanda Sharma on the map and took her to the next level, she has now moved over to Bollywood, yet Pandit Rao still can not let this issue go it seems. Pandit Rao has been constantly picking at the Punjabi music scene for the use of guns, weapons and lyrics he deems vulgar, reports Ghaint Punjab.

Sharry Maan, in a recent post (which has since been removed) shared the apology letter which has been signed by Sunanda Sharma and says that she is sorry for hurting the sentiments of Pandit Rao and all those people who felt offended by her song Patake. She further wrote that she will make sure that henceforth all her songs are decent and are made with the purpose of keeping the dignity of Punjabi language intact.

An agitated Sharry Maan has used abbreviations (insults) to show his displeasure over Pandit Rao’s demand for Punjabi singers to refrain from using provocative lyrics or those with guns, gangsters and any such word that could offend someone. He quoted on his post “Bdl @panditraodharenavar teri mdl for this good gesture fyd awdi mc @sunandasharma thanks to love us”

When someone objected to his use of cuss words, the man said “Bdl and mdl is good words ask ss and kuch marji fuddu kam ho reha vAise”.

When Ghaint Punjab got in touch with Pandit Rao, he said that I had requested Sunanda to give us a written confirmation that she will not sing such songs because Patake precisely promotes noise pollution and in a couple of days the noise pollution day is also approaching. The singer, he said, agreed to do so and yesterday, we went to her home for the letter which she has written and signed.

Check out the letter and Sharry Maan’s reaction here:


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