Suresh Went Missing Two Years Ago – Found On Tik Tok Living With His Trans Partner


Tik Tok is all about hearts and followers, but Suresh will be regretting the day he signed up for the video app.Suresh was a ‘missing’ man but was forced to return home after his family spotted him in a Tik Tok video in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, report the @RealDesPardes media team in India.

Suresh, a native of Krishnagiri was married to Jayapradha and the couple had two children. In 2016, Suresh abandoned his family and never returned. Jayapradha lodged a complaint with the police after she enquired with Suresh’s friends and relatives. The police registered an FIR but there were no further developments in the case.

A few weeks back, a relative of Jayapradha spotted a man similar to Suresh in a Tik Tok video. She got in touch with Jayapradha who confirmed it was her husband. Jayapradha alerted the police who tracked down Suresh in Hosur.

According to the Police, Suresh left his family due to certain problems and started working as a mechanic in Hosur. He was also in a relationship with a transwoman who was in the Tik Tok video with him. The police traced Suresh with the help of an NGO who works for the welfare of transgenders. The police have counselled Suresh and Jayapradha and sent them back home.

Suresh with new Side Piece (right)and Wife and Kids (left)


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