Surj From RDB Unearths WW2 Bunker In His Driveway!


Surj Singh the Punjabi music producer from Bradford is better known for making dancefloors rock. The Punjabi music producer has now hit the headlines for a different reason? No longer is the music producer just unearthing new stars, but instead, he has unearthed a world war bunker in his very own driveaway.

Surj was shocked when workers at his home found a relic from the past under his drive. The well-known Bradford based producer was having work done to his driveway when labourers discovered what is believed to be a World War Two bunker underneath.

Mr Singh said: “I was having my drive dug up and they’ve just uncovered a bunker.

“I think it’s a World War Two bunker.

“It’s exposed right in the open now.”

The bunker is around six foot under the original drive level and is made out of reinforced concrete, according to Mr Singh. He said: “It was so solid that my builders had a problem trying to break it out.

“They were using a three-tonne digger and just couldn’t get into it.

“There’s nothing in it that says it’s ‘World War Two’, but it’s just the look of it.

“There are stairs coming down it and you could fit at least about five or six people in here.”

As for the future plans for the bunker, Mr Singh is fully intending to focus on getting his drive done.

He said: “I’m just going to fill it up and get my drive done.” – Maybe stick a studio in it?


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