Surjit Khan Truck Union 2 (Music Byg Byrd) New Punjabi Song


Surjit Khan Truck Union: Headliner Records present their latest Punjabi song release ‘Truck Union 2’. The song is sung by Surjit Khan. Music is provided by Byg Byrd. Lyrics have been penned by King Grewal.

The original song Truck Union was released by Surjit Khan in November 2017. The song initially had a slow uptake but then won the hearts and minds of truck drivers and Surjit Khan fans. The new version of Truck Union is produced by Byg Byrd and it is quite desi for him. Vocally Surjit Khan always bangs, and once again you cannot fault him here. This will appeal to Surjit Khan fans and those in the driving union only. That is the target audience and that is where it will remain.

The idea of Surjit Khan and Byg Byrd did excite us, as we thought it could have given Surjit Khan a new direction. The original ‘Headliner’ by Ravi Bal and Surjit Khan was innovative and fresh and that is what Surjit Khan requires. Hopefully, Byrd and Khan will work together again in the future and we can hear that true Brown Boy sound on it next time.

If you have not heard the original Truck Union by Surjit Khan, then check it out here, the production is by Ravi Rbs and the song was released via Headliner records:


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