Surjit Khan Used Me Says Writer Haseeb Khan


The music industry is a place where innovation and creativity flow. Talented individuals who have a love for their artform embrace the scene fully. Yet, not many understand the business side of the industry they have joined. What happens when you get into something you don’t understand? You get exploited. That is what Haseeb Khan is alleging has happened to him.

Haseeb Khan is a Punjabi songwriter who has been in and around the scene for many years and he recently interviewed with our friends at DailyPost Punjab in which alleges Bally Sagoo and Surjit Khan have exploited him and his songs.

The song ‘Pyar’ from Surjit Khan is credited to Shamsher Sandhu but was wrote by Haseeb Khan. Shamsher Sandhu is on record as saying that this song is not his work. Haseeb Khan has never been given any money for this song. No payments were ever forthcoming from the Khan team even though numerous called had been placed to them by Haseeb Khan.

Surjit Khan even mentions Haseeb Khan in a Facebook post where he sings the song, yet the credits were amended to not show Haseeb Khan’s name?  Haseeb Khan also stated in the interview that Surjit Khan told him that songwriters do not get paid. Haseeb Khan says this has happened to him 6 or 7 times! This is why it is vital people understand the business side of the industry they are joining.

Haseeb Khan also goes on to mention that Bally Sagoo’s song with Surjit Khan ‘tere mere pyar nu nazar lag jave na’ was also written by him and no payments were ever received. This particular song then went on to become a huge song in Bollywood and still no payments were received.

Haseeb Khan goes onto to mention in the interview that his health is not the best and financially he is suffering. The interview below sees Haseeb Khan call out Surjit Khan several times on the issue of payments. Haseeb Khan also notes that he was buttered up by the Khan camp because they knew the songs would be moving across to Bollywood.

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