Surma – Manak-E (Remember Him)


Narinder Manak-e has been in and around the UK/Global Bhangra scene since 1996, in recent years he really has struggled to find his form and that one hit to reignite his career again, is Surma that track?

Sadly for us it is a no, Manak-e, is a very very good vocalist, and he does highlight that again in this song, the one good thing about this track is that Manak-e has not tried to go all gangster or become a romeo, he has attempted to stay true his vocal style (desi, folk).

The song just fails to capture the imagination, the start sets a great pace for the track, but then it becomes laboured and flat lines due to the way in which it has been produced. Unfortunately we see this song being dismissed as quickly as other Manak-e comebacks.

Check out the latest Punjabi song “Surma” by Narinder Manak-e, Randy J via Daddy Mohan Records here:


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