Surrey Wali Jatti, Calgary Waliye & BC Wale Jatt – Canada Is THE Destination For Punjabi Music


Soho Road, London Patola and England Nach Da, the UK was the most talked-about destination for Punjabi musicians but like all things in a Punjabi’s life – New ground is always being sought! Canada really is driving home its reputation as Punjab away from Punjab.

This week alone has seen three songs released which are all very different but all drive home the message that Canada is now the most important export market for Punjabi music and films. A rise in homegrown artists and a real appetite for the Punjabi culture has made Canada the promised land for Punjabi artists and people wishing to migrate.

The first of three songs released this week to be linked to Canada was by Harj Nagra and Dilraj Brar and was called BC Wala Jatt.

Now, this was aimed very much at the Canadian student market. Harj Nagra is a producer who knows his scene very well. Dilraj Brar embodies the Canadian dream, so a hype track like this was always going to bang hard in Canada. Nearly 60% of the views for this song have been from Canada and North America highlighting that Harj Nagra knows what he is doing and what to pitch to what audiences:

The second song to drop this week with another Canadian link was Harvey Sandhu’s Calgary Waliye.

This is more of a chilled-out tune but has a target audience in mind. Who is this targeted towards? Simple, those dhuki guys & girls in the pind who have been left behind by those they love for better things abroad. Apne love a dukhi song, but they also love it to have a twist in their favour. They always want that lost love to come back for more! Very rare that they do come back – but instead they usually kop a divorce and get their family over (thats not just Canada, but the UK and Australia).

Surrey Wali Jatti – Gurnam Bhullar & Gurlez Akhtar 

The third song released this week highlights how Canada is now the go-to scene for Punjabi movies, more people go to watch Punjabi films there than any other market. So it makes sense to target that crowd with songs and films aimed very much at the selective audience. The song is called Surrey Wali Jatti and features singers Gurnam Bhullar & Gurlez Akhtar. The song is from the film Teri Meri Jodi, which will also star one of Canadas biggest Punjabi artists Sidhu Moose Wala. This is a typical film song, but aimed solely at one market!


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