T-Series Release A UK DJ’s Remix, To One Of It’s Biggest Tunes This Year


Well, weekends are not the same without him, now it seems that T-Series have also caught the AJD bug, yes the UK based DJ/Producers recent remix of Laung Laachi caught the attention of T-Series and they were more than happy to add it to their list of releases, and make this their, one and only official remix of the song.

Song Stats: 18 weeks number 1 in Pakistan, 5 weeks number in India as well as spending 10 weeks in the top 10, Laung Laachi really has really hit the high notes.

We at Daily Ent. Xpress caught up with DJ AJD and got the low down on how this came about…

AJD “I Dropped it at a wedding, an uncle asked for the original.. when the beat dropped though, they all loved it, I knew then, this was worth releasing”

“I then went back, perfected it,  and got in touch with T-Series to seek permission and to get the low down on releasing it, all of a sudden they wanted the track and before I know it, bang, it is on their YouTube channel, I did not even know until I checked YouTube”

Well let’s hope this is the start of a good relationship between India’s biggest label and one of the UK’s hottest DJ’s, and he has promised many more tracks like this are in the pipeline.


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