Taking India By Storm – India’s YouTubers Are Inspiring A New Generation


YouTube is blowing up in India, it is the go to for music and everything else it seems, so is it a surprise that India has now given birth to a host of new online celebrities?

Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh who has amassed personal net worth of approx $16m is seen as the inspiration behind many of these new Indian YouTubers, who have followed in her footsteps. These are genuine rags to riches stories and you know what, good on them! It is easy for people to belittle YouTubers, but having the balls to get up and make something work takes passion and dedication.

So let’s check out some of India’s biggest YouTubers and what they offer!

(Average earnings taken from YouTube regulation site SocialBlade.com)

BBki Vines (Check out the channel here)

India’s Biggest Independent YouTuber – Average Yearly Earnings From YouTube £500K

Aksh Baghla (Check out the channel here)

Chandigarh’s singing sensation – Average Yearly Earnings From Youtube £70k 

Ajey Nagar (Check Out his channel here)

Average Yearly Earnings From YouTube £300K

Veena Srivani, (Check out her YouTube channel here)

Classic renditions seem to be popular – Average Yearly Earnings From YouTube £70K

TroubleSeeker Team, Check out their YouTube channel here)

Banter India style, these guys are quite funny TBH  – Average Yearly Earnings From YouTube £130K

For the report in full and in more detail check it out here via EconomicTimes. India, All images vi EconomicTimes Inda 


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