Tal Singh Aims To Become The First Sikh Boxer World Champion


Tal Singh Boxer: Big claims? But hey if you don’t reach for the stars then why bother at all?! Tal Singh has vowed to become the first Sikh world champion after his trailblazing amateur career led him to an England National title.

After a late start into boxing at the age of 18, Singh exceeded his early expectations as he triumphed at English level last year, a historic achievement for a Sikh boxer. Jordan Gill, Inder Singh Bassi, Indi Singh Sangha, Dilly Singh and Simran Kaur have all recently ensured more and more Punjabi’s are watching boxing. Tal Singh now joins the list of UK Punjabi’s to stir more interest in the sport.

It’s massive,” Singh told Sky Sports. “Not only to myself, but to my family, and to essentially the Sikh community, especially being the first Singh ever, with the long hair and beard, to do this.
“I was quite stunned to be honest, to find out that in this day and age, there’s still people becoming the first of X,Y and Z.”
“It’s incredible,” said Singh. “You’ve got no option but to get better and improve, especially being around the people that I’m around, they are all winners and successful, like Dynamo and Tinie.
“If you’ve got a friend circle like that, you can’t be a let-down, you’ve got to rise to the occasion.
“He’s not called ‘War Chisora’ for no reason, and in the gym even watching his sparring sessions, he’s as explosive as it gets.”
Singh expects to firstly target the light-flyweight division, although his ambitions do not stop there, as he seeks to become a pioneering champion in the paid ranks.

Interview by Sky Sports News – Tal Singh Boxer 


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