Talk Is Cheap – It’s Been A While Mr Sandhu


Murder was the case that gave me, well it so easily could have been, if we had been forced to wait any longer for new music from Manny Sandhu. Thankfully he is back and this time featuring the vocals of Dilraj Grewal on “Talk Is Cheap” via Speed Records.

The track has a real edge to the production, a real  ode to the west coast hip hop sound of the mid-early nineties, fused together with the desi musical production skill set of Manni Sandhu, when can we have more? The track works extremely well, lyrically, it is a gangster bhangra joint, like so many, but it is the production that set’s it apart, and one that will defiantly be making our playlist for the forthcoming few months.

The video (movie) is polished, innovative and again very very west coast hip hop, so if that was the vision for the tune then, we can say with some assurance that Manni you smashed it! Murder was the case, was also a movie back in the day (Snoop Dogg), so this video/movie from Manni Sandhu, really sticks to the whole concept of that album and movie idea. A refreshing change to just a bog standard video to go with a release.

Check out the latest Punjabi song by Manni Sandhu and Dilraj Grewal here via Speed Records


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