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One artist that was synonymous with Envy records and there golden era was Leicesters very own DJ Stin. During that period he worked with some of the labels top artists and forged a reputation for himself as a DJ and producer who delivered hits and was never shy in coming forward with his views.

Over the last 2 months or so DJ Stin has confirmed plans to release new music, not only new music but a whole new concept of music called ‘Sarangi Step’, intrigued and excited we caught up with DJ Stin to talk music, life and most importantly ‘Sarangi Step’.

Why is Stin coming back now?

I wouldn’t say I’m back to be honest, I just took a long break from releasing but was still active in helping others where they needed me. I also had a change in focus for the past couple of years with family being the most important thing. Been concentrating on my day job too, not easy juggling all but found the balance again.

During your absence the scene has changed a lot,

What do you think has been a good change ?

The adoption of streaming has been one of the best things in music over the last couple of years. You have the chance to listen to as much different types of music on subscription. Now that artists are savvy to that as well, it can only help the game grow & hopefully push out to other territories that were not possible with physical sales.

What would you not have changed

There haven’t been that many changes that have moved the game forward. It is still pretty much where it was since I last released. One thing that has been bubbling for years is the insistence that a video is necessary for a track to be taken seriously. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do a video but if you are, put as much effort into the art of the video as the music itself. What’s the point of making a budget video with the same old concept just for the sake of it. We risk devaluing the music that way.

What is Sarangi Step?

Sarangi Step is the first of the new music that I’m working on. The driver behind the track is the Sarangi which I think is one of the most versatile instruments we have been blessed to hear. The fact that the literal name of the instrument is something of 100 colours, I wanted to use it in a Hip Hop track as the main element. It worked a treat & I knew that it had to have the nakhra in its flow as there has always been in the Dhadi Parsang artform, the progressions in the production help it build & breath where needed.

Once the music was to a certain level, I sent it to a very talented artist from Germany, Shaan Akash. The only brief I gave Shaan was that it needed to be a track that would respect the Dhadi culture so no booty talk or anything that would go against the art of a Parsang, he came back with something that celebrates true friendship as well as the ankh in Panjabi blood.

At the same time we have to be socially aware of issues that affect our worldwide community, although there are mentions of guns in the lyrics, they actually don’t promote them. The lyrics do question some of bravado that we see in the social media generation.

The single has 3 mixes, Sarangi Step (the main mix), Sarangi Step in the Jungle & Sarangi Step Trapped in Germany which was co produced by Shaans brother, Sukh Andolous hence the German reference. As well the 3 mixes there is an instrumental of the main mix.

There is enough musical variety in each mix that give it appeal to different types of consumer.

What do you wish to achieve with this release?

I’m not pinning any personal hopes on the release, I am blessed with quite a successful career that means I’m not driven by financial gain, just an avenue to release music how I want to.

I’ve always tried to bring new or lesser known artist to the fore with my past projects, starting Full Phat Audio is to do the same. I hope that Sarangi Step can help give Shaan & Sukh Andolous a platform outside of Germany to build on (the opposite of Brexit).

I also want to thank all of those who have kept messaging me over the years asking when my next release is. Especially Panjabi MC (the reason this track came together), Viv from Envy & Ravi Bal, having heavyweight music heads like that encouraging you to continue making music is a massive thing for me. Akaal Purakh has blessed me with more than I can ever ask for, I use the gifts that they have given to me to continue to enjoy doing what I do. All praise is to the Almighty.

Plans for 2019

More of the same, working on future singles from rappers from all over the world. Each single will follow the same principle, multiple mixes with a focus on the art itself. At some point I want to bring the best of the singles together to create a piece of audio/visual art but that’s for another discussion.

I hope people who appreciate the art continue to support to help us grow the game further. We are blessed to live in an age where we can easily get our music out, hopefully we can continue to spread positive vibes in the years to come.

It was a pleasure catching up with DJ Stin and we can’t wait to hear ‘Sarangi Step’ the passion for his artform is evident in the way he talks about music and the creativity never leaves those who are innovators. Good luck in the future and more updates on the single keep it locked to Daily Ent. Xpress.


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