Talking Jeanna Sheena With GV (Music Video Inc)


2018 was a special year for Birmingham based producer GV, not only did he release his long awaited comeback album, but he also gave the world a part of his mind and soul with ‘Starve The Ego’.

GV is now back in producer mode for the new Jind Dhillon single ‘Jeanna Sheena’ and even though GV was distracted by his new duties as a father, we manged to discuss this new release before the baby monitor went off once more.

For us ‘Starve The Ego’ was a much needed album and the concept was very unique, is this new single by Jind Dhillon that is produced by you a deviation away from the GV of ‘Starve The Ego?’

Starve The Ego was an album written by myself, whereas this song is written by Jind. I will continue to make conscious music & also more feel good music too. I’ve always done both

It is good to know that ‘Starve The Ego’ was not a one off, and it is also good to see GV delivering more dance tracks as he did when he burst on the scene. So this new track what is it about?

At a time where culture in Punjab is becoming increasingly westernised, from language to fashion, we wanted to make a song celebrating the beauty of Punjabi clothing & culture.

Well why not check out the track ‘Jeanna Sheena’ by Jind Dhillon and GV here and let us know your thoughts:


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