Talvir & Kulvinder Accused Of Murder Of Friend Who Slept With One Of Their Friends


Two men Talvir Singh Girn and Kulvinder Singh Nath have denied murder at Derby Crown Court, the two men are accused of beating Paul Steele to death in his flat because he ‘slept’ with one of their female friends. The trial at Derby Crown Court is expected to last 3 weeks.

Paul Steele, 53, died after suffering severe head and facial injuries when he was attacked in Lapwing Close, Sinfin, Derby, on 9 December. He also had a fractured chest and “extensive bruising” to a testicle.

Prosecutor John Lloyd-Jones QC said Mr Steele lived alone with his cat in the first-floor flat. The friends who are nicknamed Tally and Buzz went to visit Paul Steele on the afternoon he died and he left them there to buy beer from a local shop.

The court was told that the pair “beat him to death on the sofa” between his return at 13:51 and them leaving the flat at 14:42 BST.

The court was then told they then walked uninvited into a flat of a couple they knew on the same street and boasted at having “flat-packed” Mr Steele, telling them “we properly smashed him up”.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said the men stated Mr Steele “shouldn’t have slept with” their female friend, who Mr Girn described using a slang term, meaning someone he was close to.

The court heard Mr Girn, who the couple said was drunk, fell asleep for several hours while Mr Nath went to visit someone else on the street.The flat’s occupants later spotted paramedics dealing with an unrelated incident on the street and alerted them to Mr Steele’s injuries.

The medics pronounced him dead and summoned police, who arrested Mr Nath and Mr Girn at the scene.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said the pair were interviewed several times by police and their stories “developed and changed”.

Mr Girn, of Cloverdale Drive, Derby, claimed Mr Nath was responsible for the attack, while Mr Nath, of Glencroft Drive, Stenson Fields, said he had departed to attend a medical appointment, leaving the victim “alive and well” with Mr Girn.


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