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Tandoori Nights Barcelona:
When In Barcelona do what the Spanish do – Eat quality food. Tandoori Nights is in the heart of Barcelona. Catching a taxi from Ramblas cost us 20 Euros and if you want to get to the Nou Camp you are looking at a 40-minute journey. We are in the heart of Barcelona.

Tandoori Nights Barcelona – Appearance:

Blink and you miss it! You could so easily walk straight past Tandoori Nights and not realise it was there. This is no big plush venue. This place is small but busy. As soon as we walk in we pretty much pack the place out. The option to sit outside and eat is there but it’s not the best weather. You know you are in for a treat when owner and staff are all made up to see Punjabi’s in the building! Yes, the music got cranked up! Can’t beat a bit of R Nait as we eat! Lootera Is A TUNNEEEEEEE!!!

It is all about the bottled beers and spirits for us. The beer we were served was ice cold and went down a treat! The spirits, we are not really the type of crowd who adds mixers to our spirits but the mixers we were served were ice cold too.

The staff and owners were on point. Friendly and really made us feel at home. Friends of ours have been here over the last 12-18 months and they have all stated how good the customer service is here. We can now vouch for that.

Tandoori Nights Barcelona – Grill:

So we ordered a Tandoori grill, when we asked what was on it, we were told meat. That’s the spirit lads lol. When the Tandoori grill came out it was steaming, smoking and very full. We had Tandoori meat on the bone, shish kebab, Tandoori chicken boneless and lamb tikka.

The chicken tandoori meat on the bone was superb. The marinade used was really impressive and it had that lemon feel to it also. Cooked well and really fresh. This was damn impressive. Really impressed. The boneless pieces were just as nice, but be wary a real kick of spice on these. Took us by surprise, we had to have more whiskey just to get over the spice.

The shish Kebab and Lamb Tikka were both impressive. The Tikka more so though. Just like in the UK the poor old Shish is becoming the forgotten part of the grill!

Tandoori Nights Barcelona – Curry:

We decided to go for the chicken garlic and lamb garlic dishes. The chicken garlic dish was the pick of the two. The sauce used on the chicken curry was what made the dish special. It wasn’t too thick, it was not greasy and just tasted so fresh. We had plenty of meat to go with the sauce and this was as good a chicken curry as we have had in a long time.

Tandoori Nights Barcelona – Conclusion:

If you are planning to go to Barcelona then Tandoori Nights is a strong recommendation from us. The venue is nothing amazing but its clean and the tight nature of it just adds to the atmosphere. The service was quick and the staff were all game for a laugh. The customer service really makes this place special.

The food, the chicken on the bone on the grill was just stunning. The flavours used really stood out. The Kashmiri chilli used by the chefs can so easily become overpowering but they got it spot on. All the chicken dishes hit the spot. After three days of being on the session, this place went down a treat.

Tandoori Nights in Barcelona gets a huge thumbs up from us and we will be going back 100%!

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