TEARS Veet Baljit Feat. Naseebo Lal – New Punjabi Song 2019


What do you get if you mix Naseebo Lal and Veet Baljit? Tears – Happy ones or sad ones you decide. Tears is the new Punjabi song by Veet Baljit and Naseebo Lal. The lyrics for the song are by Veet Baljit and the music is by Jay K. The song has been released by State Studio. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress). 

This is a great combination, two superb Punjabi artists who are refreshingly different to so many others. Tears sees Veet Baljit bring his writing skills to the table and vocally he sounds as consistent as ever. Naseebo Lal, what can you say, one of the biggest female Punjabi artists on the scene – This vocal highlights why. Two clever vocals bouncing off each other on top of a well-paced instrumental from Jay K. This is one for duet fans and those who enjoy a good chilled out tune. On our playlist for sure!

Veet Baljit is a uber-talented Punjabi artist, he has written so many of this decade’s biggest hits for the likes of Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal to name just two. Yet, when he writes songs for himself, he really likes to throw some curveballs. Doctor was released in May 2018 and lyrically was unique to him. The video and music are all very ‘Veet’ – If you missed Doctor in 2018 check it out here:


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