Techi Garry Sandhu ft. Uday Shergill – Latest Punjabi Song 2020


Garry Sandhu isn’t playing, two songs in two days! Techi is the latest release and features Uday Shergill. Fresh Media Records have released the song which has music by Lovey Akhtar. The lyrics and composition are by Garry Sandhu himself. Techi lyrical video is by Yasheen.

Hot on the heels of his T-Series release Wallah Fresh Media Records have released Techi. This is very different from Wallah and lyrically this is fire. Techi is a heartfelt ballad that has a dreamy alluring appeal. Especially as it ties in with the Garry Sandhu journey.

This type of song has been heard a thousand times yet, when Garry drops something like this it just feels more personal because his journey has been lived in the public eye. Uday Shergill who features on the track adds depth and his delivery is on point. A subtle soft tone which bounces off the more attacking style of Garry Sandhu is a great alternative.

If you like a good dreamy ballad then this is for you. If like us you love a song with great lyrics then Techi deserves a spin. Check out Techi by Garry Sandhu ft. Uday Shergill here

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Monday 25th February saw T-Series release Wallah by Garry Sandhu. The song has music by Ikwinder Singh and has gone down a storm since its release. Check out the song, video and review of Wallah here;

Garry Sandhu Wallah, Music By Ikwinder Singh, Latest Punjabi Song 2020


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