Tera Mera Viah Jass Manak – Latest Punjabi Songs 2019


Not content with blessing 2019 with one huge wedding song. Jass Manak has released Tera Mera Viah just in time for the new wedding season. Viah, by Jass Manak was released earlier this year by Geet MP3 and GK Digital. The song has blessed Punjabi weddings globally since its release. Tera Mera Viah wants to capture that same audience again and ensure that Jass Manak is on every wedding playlist over the new season.

Tera Mera Viah was originally released by Punjabi singer Priya in October 2019. The popularity of the song and a recent video clip of Manak singing it went viral. So it made sense to release his version of the song. This cover version has been released appease female fans who were asking for an official full-length version of Manak singing the song, So Geet Mp3 and GK Digital obliged.

Have you not heard the original version of Tera Mera Viah by Priya? Just press play and enjoy

Song :Tera Mera Viah Singer : Jass Manak Lyrics : Jass Manak Composer : Jass Manak Music : MixSingh Artist Management : Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon Produced By : Kv Dhillon Online Promotions : Gk.Digital Music Label : Geet MP3 Music Consultant & Digital Partner : Gk.Digital



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