TERA TERA Tarsem Jassar – New Punjabi Songs 2019


Tera Tera Tarsem Jassar: When Tarsem Jassar does feel good, he does it right! Tera Tera is the new song from the Punjabi singer and just like his previous song Life, this works. Upbeat, full of energy and with a real message engrained throughout Tera Tera is a refreshing change to others songs out at the moment.

Vehli Janta records are the brainchild of Tarsem Jassar and he uses the platform for a varied array of songs. He has the ability to do folk, ballads and commercial songs all extremely well. Yet it was the success that the song ‘Life’ delivered him that has seen him change tact. Music with a message has always worked Tarsem is now finding that out and once again delivers a song that is upbeat, heartfelt and unlike others out at the moment.

Tarsem Jassar has had a huge amount of filmi songs out and that is in addition to his more commercial vibes. The song life came out at a time when everything was gangsta and it was so fresh and appealing that it made out stand out strong. If you have never heard the song Life then just press play as that and Tera Tera do go hand in hand.

Singer : Tarsem Jassar Lyrics : Tarsem Jassar Music : Western Penduz Mix Master : Skrrt Director : Sharan Art DOP : Jaype Singh Editor : Himanshu Mittal Chief Assistant : Inder Sekhon Dop Assistant : Garry Singh Label : Vehli Janta Records Producer: MANPREET JOHAL Online Review: Daily Ent Xpress


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