Tere Laare Chetan Kulwinder Billa – New Punjabi Song 2020


Tere Laare Chetan Kulwinder Billa: Tere Laare, you know when you read the title is going to be a dukhi dil kinda tune. Singers Chetan and Kulwinder Billa both feature on the new Geet MP3 release. Music for this new Punjabi song is by Akash Jandu with lyrics by Raas. So are you ready for that dukhi feel?

Tere Laare has a fresh and unique approach. This new Punjabi song has been given an acoustic feel by Akash Jandu and it works well. The music is delivered effectively working with the vocalists in mind. Kulwinder Billa is the star of the show here. His unique vocal stands out throughout the song and is the winning element in the song.  Chetan, knows his limitations as a singer and stays in his lane. The only issue is this see’s him being overshadowed by Kulwinder Billa.

If you like an acoustic style chilled out Dukhi song then Tere Laare Chetan & Kulwinder Billa is here for you to check out!

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