Tere Town – Robbie and Kammie Singh – How Awkward Do They Look


So, you finally fund a track from a big level producer, Snappy in this case. Now you have the track and it is time for the video, you need to be gangsta as that is the hook of the tune, but is that really you?

Robbie and Kammie may wish to convince people of how “gangsta” they are ,yet, they look very awkward living up to the part in the video, even the model seems to have an issue with what she is supposed to be doing.

Living the dream is the vision, acting the dream in reality seems very tough for some, check out the video here by Robbie and Kammie Singh – Tere Down producded by Snappy

Reminded us of this classic, and how apt is this for the current desi gangsta scene lol


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