Tere Vaaste Avkash Mann – Like Father Like Son?


Tere Vaaste Avkash Mann: VYRL Originals present their latest Punjabi release ‘Tere Vaaste’. This is the debut Punjabi single from Avkash Mann, son of Harbhajan Maan. Music is by Roohaan & Avkash Mann. The lyrics are penned by Harmanjeet.

Now, this is different, and we are guessing that was the aim. Avkash Mann’s previous release was also a ballad but was in English and not Punjabi. Tere Vaaste is in Punjabi and has a very south India pop/trance feel to it. People will either love it or ignore it. One of the issues with doing a song like this is that we are still left in the dark about the vocal ability of Avkash. The song has a heavy bottom end and takes you on an emotional journey as you listen, but, we just wanted to hear more from Avkash Mann Vocally.

Avkash Mann’s first project was released in 2018 and was called ‘Away’ the song is an English language ballad. This gave us more of an insight into the vocal ability of Avkash. The song had a great initial take-up but slowed down as the year went on. Avkash’s dad will have to sit him down and explain to him that in this industry unless you are active you won’t be busy!


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