Teri Photo – Shin Hayer & Kaka Bhanianwala (Desi Mix)


Shin Hayer AKA Shin GC? Wow, that is a name from the past & maybe one that only Bhangra heads and not Punjabi music fans remember! Well, his back on the scene. This time teaming up with Kiss Records from Manchester for this his first release in what seems forever ‘Teri Photo’. The song features the vocals of the late great Kaka Bhanianwala.

If you like your music desi and UK, then Teri Photo is right up your street. Tumbi, hoy’s and plenty of dhol and brass sounds, this is a solid bhangra tune. Kaka Bhanianwala (RIP) sounds superb, whichever vault these vocals were hidden in seems to be one that i need to keep my valuables in. The song does two things, impresses vocally and reminds us that Shin Hayer should release more often. Let’s hope this is not a one-off as Bhangra fans will want more.


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