That Friday Feeling Mix – DJ Harv Feat, Jasmine Sandlas & Garry Sandhu, Illegal Laddu


It is Friday after all, so its only right we start it right. So what could be better than waking up to a bit of Jasmine Sandla’s on a fresh summers morning?

Well thanks to @DJHarv you can listen to her vocals instead, in mix form. Anyway here is the track and DJ Harv’s take on it…

I was keen to keep the momentum going as my releases tend to be quite spaced out. I don’t think any female artist has split more opinion than Jasmine Sandlas. Everyone knows her name and music, and as a DJ I have seen her tracks bang the dancefloor in their most simple format. I always make or use unheard mixes for my sets but this one came out so good I had to share it! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as i do.



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