That #FridayFeeling Mixtape – The MooseTape By DJ Harv


Dj Harv take it away! 

On August 19th 2017 I had a mad desi crowd for a wedding in West Bromwich. Just a few days beforehand a track had hit the streets, ‘So High’ by the intriguely named Sidhu Moosewala. He’d caused some fanfare with his release of G Wagon a month or so beforehand. When I heard So High, I was thinking I have to drop this on the weekend!

Low and behold, I dropped So High 3 times that night. I was probably the first DJ to play it at a wedding and since then i’ve been a massive fan. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, the timing and party was just perfect for such a song to drop.

I’ve wanted to do a Moosewala mix for a long time but honestly it was just so difficult to get the flow right, I wasn’t doing justice to some real bangers. Whether or not i’ve done justice now is down to the listeners but I like it and I would struggle to better at this stage of my career.

The UK is Moosewala mad at the moment and I have been Moosewala mad for a long time. Trust me you have to go see him!

Hope you all enjoy The Moosetape!



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