That UK Bhangra Sound – Mela By Nikka Sev & AS Amar


As 2018 drew to a close, one name became synonymous with desi flavoured remixes and that name was Nikka Sev, and hot on the heels of ‘The Remix Sessions’ he has now released his latest Punjabi song ‘Mela’ featuring singer AS Amar . The song ‘Mela’ has been released by Old Soul Records.

The difference between ‘Mela’ and Nikka Sev’s work at the end of 2018 is quite simple, ‘Mela’ is his from start to finish, so very different to his remixes that were released.
One route producers take when releasing a new song of their own is to go with a big name singer to ensure the song has an initial boost upon release, the other route is to invest time and effort into a singer who you know and have faith in, no matter how big a name he is or not.
Nikka Sev has gone with AS Amar because he believed in him to deliver what he wanted, and it seems to have worked. If 90’s UK Bhangra is your thing then this will appeal to you!

To check out ‘Mela’ by Nikka Sev and AS Amar on Spotify click this link
Song: Mela
Artist: Nikka Sev Feat: Amar Singh Littran
Produced / Composed: Nikka Sev

Check out ‘Mela’ By Nikka Sev and AS AMar on Apple Music here



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