#ThatFridayAlbumFeeling – DAS Music/Danger Dhami Decipher The Surprise Hit Of 2018 – Danger Zone


Each and every Friday we will feature Punjabi music albums that have bought pleasure to music fans around the world, but! Instead of us giving you an overview of the album, we let those who made the album give you the music fan an insight into how the album was put together. The first album we are doing this with is, 2018’s surprise hit album Danger Zone by Danger Dhami and the Das Music camp.

So, let us not hold you up any longer, we hand you over to Danger Dhami to talk you through ‘Danger Zone’

Live Recordings – DangerDhami, Runveer Singh & Lakhan Singh.

Mix & Mastering – DangerDhami & DAS Music.

In 2016 I decided to focus on a project to remix Punjabi folk tracks with 90’s style Hip Hop beats. The Hip Hop term is now quite vague when it comes to a music style but I wanted to keep it to the original roots of chopped up breakbeats and the use of samples. 

Intro – In the Intro I tried to set the tone and the concept of the album. I used various voice samples to exaplain it. I wanted to include some of the well known Hip Hop Breakbeats (unchopped) and mix them with just as classic Dholki & Tabla loops (I think I switched them every 8 bars). I also overlayed it all with percussion from Lakhan Singh who featured throughout the album… great percussionist !

Jaan Dukha – Intro by MF Doom explaining the reason he wears a mask. I thought what he said applies to the Punjabi music industry too. Before the days of Brands, Music Videos and Social Media it was just about how the music sounded. 

I made a small version of the beat in 2010. Friends had told me that the concept was good and I decided to complete it in 2014. After this I decided to create more remixes like this. It was quite rare to get clear recordings of Yamla Jatt.

Jatti Bul Bul Wargi – I liked the raw vocals of the original by Parmjit Pammi. The vocals and drums were all cut and layed out. I was struggling to find samples behind it but somehow decided on Indian classical Sitar and Flute as the base. Finished it with a baseline and few other instruments and short samples. After it was complete I realised how much it sounded like Specialist N Tru Skool’s Dhullah…I couldn’t believe it, it must of been in the back of my mind while I was making it without knowing. 

Making the vocals stand out of the original recording was a challenge. 

Jhang Diyan Kuriyan – This was the second song I completed after Jaan Dukha. I originally made a version of this in 2007, with the Sting sample but for this one I decided to base the beat around Nas’s The Message. There as a version with Mobb Deep vocals to end the track, my friend told me to take it out and end it with percussion – good call in the end. 

I didn’t want to do too much to the music as the original was too good to mess with. I did try to rearrange the classic Mandolin sample to create a alternate melody. 

Aashiq Tera – Panjabi MC’s Gidheyan Di Rani. I wanted to hear a similar remix with Aashiq Tera so decided to have a go myself. I included some classic 90s samples and sounds as a nod to the era. People have commented saying it reminds them of the 90s so I am quite happy with that. 

This was one of the more frustrating remixes on the album as I kept loosing the sound I was going for and the original was awkward to cut up.

Tere Naal Mulaze –  Made it by accident. I had a bunch of beats that I just make on the fly and try to complete another day. I was looking for more ideas for the album and stumbled on this recording by Didar Sandhu and Snehlata, it went well with the beat so I completed it. 

Jindereye – I was contemplating not having this on the album as it wasn’t completely Hip Hop but decided to keep it in the end. The reggae dub sound was a bit hard to achieve but I was happy with the overall mix. I used to mix the original Tumbi sample so I knew it could be done. 

Choot Boleya – I originally started this with just the drums and bassline. I had found a few old songs that went with it but I found the Choot Boleya track and I thought the lyrics were a good fit for the style. I added some basic percussion but got stuck and one day decided to force Dhola Veh Dhola over the beat. It took quite a bit of work. (Producers/Djs – I had to combine several loops of the Dholki and different points and automate the EQ in the loop). I added Safri Boys’s Boliyan for a laugh at the end for a outro. Massive fan. 

Special thanks to Runveer (Runna) Singh for the Algozey recording – badboy. 

Amb Da Boota – Most people will recognise Kool and the Gang’s Summer Madness sample. I tried to re-create it and picked Manak’s Amb Da Boota to go over it. I Kept it quite basic and it seems to be a lot of peoples favourite. 

Sun Wanjli – A.D.O.R’s Let It All Hang Out is my all time favourite Hip Hop song, produced by Pete Rock. I used to mix it with this song but I’d get frustrated with the arrangements so I decided to re-create my own version with it and fit it around Sun Wanjli. I included the original Sax sample pieces to break up the music and keep it sounding like a live mix. 

Check Out the whole Danger Zone Album on SoundCloud here:


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