The 12 week Body and MIND SET Transformation


Happy Friday! Wow the week really fly’s doesn’t it?

Ok I promised last week that I would mention something about how our clients get fantastic results in just 12 weeks, now we all know that it’s a combination of good nutrition, good rest and some exercise! The amounts of nutrition, rest and exercise required totally depends on the individual’s goals, genetics and current start point. All of that being specific, so I’m not going to go into detail here, but yet again feel free to send me an email to or Jazmin at and don’t for get to follow us of social media we are always post results and motivation.


Ok, so to get into good habits and transform your body (we call ours the 12 week Body and MIND SET Transformation.) there are many reasons why it can be hard. Sticking to good habits or developing new skills, we as a team with years of experience have indentified that the biggest challenge is sitting between your two ears.
Yes your mind! It is a powerful thing; the stories you tell yourself and the things you believe about yourself can either prevent change from happening or allow new skills to come out to play!
Recently, I’ve been learning more about the link between our beliefs and our behaviours via the study in my last degree. Let me tell you! If you want to stick to your goals and build better habits, and aim to reach a higher level of achievement, then you are going to love this bit of research.

Did you know your personal believes can help you or they can hurt you!
These two are two different mindset, they can both impact your performance
Therefore your results.

Most people that come to us are of a “fixed mindset” that means believes/ basic abilities/intelligence and talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look further away or limited.
Now with good coaching the mindset can be changed to a “growth mindset” where the client understands that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good coaching and persistence. We do not necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but we believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it! It’s a big learning curve, which requires self-belief.


The benefits of a growth mindset might seem obvious, but most of us are guilty of having a fixed mindset in certain situations. That can be dangerous because a fixed mindset can often prevent important skill, development and growth, which could ruin your health and happiness in the long run.
Let me give you an example, if you say, “Struggle to lose body fat” then that belief acts as an easy excuse to avoid consistently put in action to lose fat. The fixed mindset prevents you from failing in the short–run, but in the long–run, it hinders your ability to learn, to grow and develop new skills.

On the other hand, someone with a growth mindset would be willing to try new ways to them to lose fat even if they failed at first. They will see failure and setbacks as an indication that they should continue developing their skills rather than a signal that indicates, “This is something I’m not good at.”


What we see is clients, that have been coached into a growth mindset are more likely maximise their potential. They tend to learn from criticism rather than ignoring it, overcome challenges rather than avoiding them and to find inspiration in the success of others rather than feeling threatened.
Another thing that hinders results is your “Beliefs are Holding You Back”

Your answers to certain important question about the connection between what you believe and what you do can be vital especially at the beginning of a transformation.

Let me tell you If you believe things about yourself like.

• “It’s hard for me to lose weight.”

• “I’m not good with numbers.”

• “I’m not a natural athlete.”

• “I’m not creative.”

• “I’m a procrastinator.”

It’s pretty clear that those fixed mindsets will cause you to avoid experiences where you might feel like a failure. We see this a lot, as a result, the client doesn’t learn as much and it’s hard to get better.

It’s pretty clear that with fixed mindsets will look to avoid experiences where you might feel like a failure. We see this a lot, as a result, the client doesn’t learn as much and it’s hard to get better.

I know what you’re thinking “What can I do about this? How can I change the things I believe about myself, and eliminate that fixed mindset,I want to achieve all of my goals”

In my experience, the only way I know to change the type of person that you believe that you are is to build a new and better identity for yourself, that’s what we do; we do this via small repeated actions. It’s your actions that Change Your Beliefs.

We live in the present! Live for now! For every moment is now! It is your thoughts and acts of the present that create your future! The outline of your future path already exists! For you created its pattern by your past! Keep moving forwards!

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