The Album Insight: Ezu Talks You Through His New Album ‘Arrival’


Ezu Arrival Album Special: This decade has seen the rapid reduction in the numbers of artists releasing albums. Singles seem to be the way to go, but the album format is still something very dear to the hearts of musicians. The personal journey of an artist is best plotted through the albums they have released. Singles may well be good for numbers, but the interaction via an album is very different.

One of the scenes newer artists EZU has this week released his debut album entitled Arrival. The album has a fresh vibrant feel to it with the scent of quality running through the whole thing, From the first song Hor Labna all the way through to Changes, Arrival keeps you tuned in!

As we mentioned earlier albums are personal to an artist, so what better than to have Ezu talk you through his album Arrival in his own heartfelt words! Check out Ezu talking Arrival here:

Stream the Ezu album Arrival in full on Spotify, just click this link

Hor Labna 

What can I say? This song literally opened so many doors for me in my music career. I gained the attention of many artists and industry professionals as well as touching a new fan base. This song truly means the world to me. It was my first million views video on my own single and the first song of mine to actually make a wave in the scene. It’s funny because weeks before the release this song was sitting in the trash on my laptop and I wasn’t planning on releasing it, but I ended up just playing it to my management for a laugh and they loved it. The song was recorded that same night and we flew to LA the very next week to shoot the music video.


This one is for all the UK Afroswing lovers. After doing songs like Hor Labna & Patakay there was no way I couldn’t have an afro swing vibe on my debut album. I was born and raised in London so in a way, this is a sound that’s natural to me and something I’ve grown up to. Genie is one of my personal favs on the album for sure!

Yaara Tu 

This one was super fun to make, I was on tour in the states with The PropheC as part of his album tour. We were already great friends as we share the same management and have known each other for a few years but we ended up just jamming in the studio in New York one day and BAM! Yaara Tu was created. Myself & The PropheC always wanted to work together as we both respect each other as artists and we wanted to give our fans something they would remember. I think it’s safe to say we did that!


Once again another song that is a personal favourite on this album. Myself and DJ Harpz have actually known each other since 2013 when I first started doing Bollywood Remixes. We’ve done loads of songs together and there was no way I couldn’t have him on my debut album. Harpz and I were on a FaceTime call one night and I said that I wanted a beat from him and he literally started playing me the plucks from the start and I was sold. We teamed up and created an anthem!!

Repeat Sohniye 

Firstly, I can’t even believe I’m about to say that Jenny Johal is on my debut album! That itself is so crazy. This song was so much fun making as all I had to work from was her initial vocals. And I created the beat around her melodies and added in my chorus and verse and Jenny really liked the vibe! It was definitely a fun experience working on this song and once again making an anthem!

Pyar Karda 

Here is my absolute favourite on the album. Jay Trak hit me up a while back when I released Hor Labna and he sent me a remixed version of the song which never got released but I absolutely loved. I knew there and then that he was super talented so I pitched the idea to him of making a fresh song and he was down to work. From there we became good friends and worked on Pyar Karda which he produced. I love this song because it’s not expected of me. I don’t think anyone would have thought they would hear me on a song which has a Dholki in it!


This one is also a personal favourite. Working with two legends like Manj Music & Ikka was an honour. Myself and Ikka had worked together before in the past but this was just another level because it was my song and they were so down to work with me on it for the album. They delivered as expected in their verses and I think it’s safe to say that we made a banger for all the Desi music lovers!


This one once again was just a natural collaboration. I’ve known Fateh for a few years and we always loved each others vibe. I recently featured on his album New Memories and I said to him when we recorded the song that I want him on my album too. That was it from there onwards, I produced the instrumental, sang my verses and chorus and sent it to him. He loved it and within the next few days, I had Fateh’s dope verse!

Bas Tu 

Myself and Raxstar have done quite a few songs together now but it has never been a feature or a collaboration where we are both on the song vocally. I had always produced the song for him or something like that. My first ever release was Ankhiyaan with Raxstar which was released on T-Series in 2016. So it’s kind of a collaboration that’s been in the pipeline for a while but I’m just glad we found the right song. Rax came over to my studio and recorded his verse there and then after I showed him the idea for Bas Tu. Once again this song is a personal favourite too!

The Baddest 

This was a super fun song to make. It’s always fun to collaborate with Amar Sandhu as me and him just click naturally and we’re great friends too! Amar & myself first met in New York a few years back when we performed at a show but after that we did Patakay and then I knew I wanted him on this album so I sent him The Baddest and he recorded a bad boy verse on it. We shot the videos back to back with Patakay but I think we waited for the right time to release it and now it’s on my very first album!


This is a song which I love so much because I’m showing everyone a new side to me which I haven’t ever shown. Usually, it’s the upbeat/hype stuff which is released but this I’d say is the real me. A smooth R&B beat with me doing my thing on it. I remember the night I made this song I was sitting with my team and we were choosing the songs for the album when instantly I started singing the melody in the hook line. From there onwards we all knew this had to be on the album.


Once again another song which shows off a side to me which I want my fans to know me for. A sound which I grew up listening to and I think it’s safe to say that it’s definitely got the old school RnB vibe to it.


I’ve always wanted to be different from other artists. No disrespect to anyone, I think everyone’s great in their own way but I always like to push myself and test the new sounds and see what works and what doesn’t. This is a song which I think really showed everyone a completely new sound because it’s not every day where you hear a Punjabi melody on a Latin trap beat. I had so much fun making this song because it was just laid back and easy to record and write. There was not much thought into the making of this. It was a simple song about.. well.. DIVAS.


And Finally, a song which I think a lot of people have been going crazy for which is Changes. Changes was made a while back but I knew I wanted to revamp it and start again. The lyrics were inspired by certain things going on around me and I’m glad I was able to put it into a song because It’s something that will stay with me and all my fans forever.

A huge amount of respect to Ezu for talking us through his album Arrival. Here is to a great end of 2019 and big 2020 for Londons newest shining star! Ezu has arrived!


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