The Big Fat Destination Indian Wedding That Broke Turkish Records!


When you have two of India wealthiest mining families children marrying each other, then you do expect something lavish, and the wedding of Medha Ahluwalia & Nalin Khaitan did not disappoint.

The famous Turkish resort city of Antalya was the selected venue for this multi million pound wedding, that broke Turkish records for wedding costs.

Over 600 guests attended the three day Bollywood-like lavish Indian wedding party. More than 650 wedding guests were transferred to the couple’s dream wedding destination by a private charter jet.

World-known American R&B singer and Grammy award-winning Akon performed his hit songs at the wedding, he was joined by Rahit Khan, Ruskar Prakash and Atif Aslam.

Bünyat Özpak, co-owner of Inventum Global, an Indian wedding organization firm based in Antalya, did not specify the exact cost of the wedding due to a confidentiality agreement between the two families.

On the other hand, after underlining that this wedding was the biggest Indian wedding that has ever taken place in Turkey, “They arrived in Antalya on Feb. 7. There are about 650 invitees and 450 technical crew personnel,” Özpak said.


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