The Bollywood Tribute By Poojan Kohli, That Is Making Fans Reminisce


Poojan Kohli’s latest video “Mehermaan” is causing something of a stir in India, and rightly so,
Mehermaan is said to be India’s first motion poster video tribute to Bollywood films, how many films do you count? We at Daily Ent.Xpress lost count at 7 lol, poor we know.

The video is a joint production by Rajeev and Sidhant, lasting just over 4 mins, but do not let that 4 mins scare you, the video is both a journey and experience, one that Bollywood fans will love. Poojan Kohli, the singer stated  “We pitched the video before many music companies, but most of them said it wasn’t ‘filmy’ enough. And that’s how we came up with the idea of making a song with a Bollywood theme,” says the young singer all the way from Canada. The song has been pitched to film houses for almost 3 years now, and only recently was the concept really grasped.

Check out the track and video here to “Meherman” by Poojan Kohli


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