The Chamkila Inspired Playlist!


March 8th marks one of the saddest days in calender of Punjabi music, it was the day that we lost Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot to a cold blooded murder. bUT,  even though his death was now over 31 years ago, he still inspires singers today, and will do so for generations to come.

Rather than us just pick Chamkila classics to have on a playlist for today, we at Daily Ent. Xpress thought we would put together a playlist of singers who have mentioned the legend that is Chamkila in songs instead. Big shout out to Moneyspinner for helping us compile the list.

Jazzy B, a legend himself starts of the playlist, which features a list of Punjabi music superstars and some lesser known artists, which highlights how popular Chamkila was/is, he touched Punjabi music fans hearts and will do so for many years to come.

On the left hand side of the video link below you will see 1/10, press on the icon to get a drop down of all the songs featured on the playlist.


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