The Christmas Commercial You Wont See This Year – BANNED


So many things get banned these days, are regulators protecting us? Or are they thinking for us? Either way it seem’s Iceland have fell foul to regulators with this their Christmas advert which raises the issue of Palm oil, we can’t see the issue with it!

However, advertising regulators banned the advert on the grounds of it being seen to be supporting a political issue.

Rang-tan is an emotive animation telling the story of rainforest destruction caused by palm oil production, and its devastating impact on the critically endangered orangutan.

It was hoped that the advert would improve shoppers’ understanding of the widespread rainforest destruction for palm oil production, which appears in more than 50% of all supermarket products.

Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland said: “Throughout 2018 we have led the retail industry to take action in areas such as rainforest destruction for palm oil and plastic pollution of our oceans.

“This year we were keen to do something different with our much anticipated Christmas advert.

“The culmination of our palm oil project is offering our customers the choice of an orangutan friendly Christmas, and we wanted to reflect this in our advertising.

“Our commitment to help protect the home of orangutans remains extremely close to our hearts.

“We are proud to be encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices, even without the support of TV advertising, ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

Growing demand for palm oil for use in food products, cosmetics and biodiesel is devastating tropical rainforests across South East Asia and the expanding palm oil and wood pulp plantations are the biggest drivers of deforestation.


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