The Curse Of The Chamkila Biopic, Will It Ever Get Made? Article By Ghaint Punjab


2019 is set to be the year of the biopic in India, but the one biopic Punjabi music fans are writing to see is that about the life of Kuldeep Manak. Punjabi music fans and Punjabi film fans are also asking about the Amar Singh Chamkila biopic? What happened? Well it seems, we may have to wait until the next decade before we actually get one!

Mehsampur is one documentary that has been released, but as per our review having watched it via a Polish film festival, the film has very little to do with Chamkila but more the twisted thoughts of the director who has admitted it may not be factually correct.

So what about the other versions we thought were set for release?

Our friends at reached out to actor-writer Gurjind Mann who was working on a biopic of Chamkila, Ghaint Punjab asked him about the progress of his film and he said,

“Right now we are not working on it, but we have got the rights and permission to make a film on his life.”

Surprisingly, Chamkila’s son Jaiman objected when there were rumors of Babbu Mann working on Chamkila’s biopic. He wanted the team to contact him and for that, and he took to social media to pass on his message to Maan.

Well it seems that any discussions about the film stopped there and then…. So did this mean that the others had taken prior permission from Jaiman to actually make the film, hence the Maan camp had to stop?

An earlier attempt had been made by Deepa Rai to make a Chamkila biopic and according to Deepa Rai and other sources the film was almost complete, but then…. silence. Nothing was heard again, Deepa Rai even sought permission from Chamkila’s family to make the film, but it just went silent and nothing has happened since.

In and around that same period Anurag Kashyap (veteran Indian film director, writer, editor, producer) wanted to make a Hindi film with Kunal Kapoor as Chamkila, yet after a lot of hype this also went quite. In between Deepa Rai’s and Anurags plans a documentary (Directed by Gunjit Chopra) was being made on Chamkila, and it was as good as complete before the that also went silent!

Now, lets go back in time with to June 2017, Amberdeep Singh (Indian actor, director and screenwriter) confirmed his next feature film with the description above. This led many to believe it was going to be a Chamkila Biopic, when the questions where put to Amberdeep Singh via social media he remained tight lipped but the suggestions were this was going to be the Chamkila biopic we were waiting for.

Skip forward to 2018 and it now seems as if Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill are part of the film called Jodi which is written by Amberdeep.

Speculation is rife that the new film Jodi will be loosely based on Chamkila’s life but without any direct association to him, so does this mean permission from the Chamkila family is the stumbling block?

Only time will tell if one of the most nototroius Punjabi singers life will ever be reflected on the big screen….

Article by Gurwinder via Ghaint Punjab


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