The Daily Punjabi Music Wrap 23rd October 2019


Daily Punjabi Music Wrap 23rd October 2019: The day started off with a double-barrel attack from Byg Byrd and Sidhu Moose Wala. Forget About It & Bandook Boldi got the day off to a good start for Punjabi music. The songs did not stop there, here is our ‘best of the rest’ from recent Punjabi song releases you may have missed.

Punjabi Pomp: Song: Attitude, Singer Gurmahik Singh Sidhu, Music – Laddi Gill Lyrics – Kaptaan
I’m not sure how old Gurmahik Singh is, but he does look too young to drive, that aside the track is not bad. Vocally Gurmahik delivers well for his age, the problem may come when his voice breaks. Musically this is a typical Laddi Gill production. If you like it macho and desi this might well be for you!

Punjabi Pomp Duet: Song: Kalle Naal Kalla, Singers Gurlej Akhtar and Deep Sidhu, Lyrics- Jaggi Sanghera
Music – Kv Singh
Well, can you get through a day without a new Gurlej Akhtar release? Didn’t think so. So another day and another song for Gurlej Akhtar this time alongside Deep Sidhu. The song is called Kalle Naal Kalla, not sure if this is the most racist Punjabi song title for a while. The song, unfortunately, won’t live long in our memory bank.

Something Different: Song Addictive, Singer Hairat Aulakh, Music Wazir Patar
This is that daily curveball, it is fresh and just changes it up from everything sounding so much the same. Singer Hairat Aulakh is not someone we have come across before and he has something about him. His style and flow are very different. It would be interesting to see what a different producer could do with this guy.

Punjabi Pop: Song: Viah Nai Karauna, Singer: Preetinder Lyrics: Babbu Music: Mix Singh
Punjabi pop music fans? This has it all for you, a dreamy video, that is as soppy as anything. Some humour in the video, as the young Punjabi’s love a bit of romance and comedy. Viah Nai Karauna by Preetinder is as commercial as you can get. If you like it pop then this is for you!

Punjabi Wedding/Diwali: Song: Diwali Flavour, Singer – Sukhwinder Sukhi Lyrics – Harwinder Khandoor Music – Beat Guru
It is wedding season soon in Punjab, and it is almost Diwali. So why not kill two birds with one stone. That is exactly what Sukhwinder Sukhi has done. This is aimed solely at the seasonal market and if you like a good wedding song this is for you. Sukhwinder Sukhi has a good voice!

Oh, and forgetting todays WTF (What The Fukra) is going on here song! ‘its the party, the party party, the pool party!


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