The Dancing Traffic Cop Ranjit Singh Won Hearts – Now Caught On Video Beating Up Driver


Traffic cop Ranjit Singh won hearts when he was caught managing traffic in a unique dancing style in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. But Ranjit Singh forgot those filming him who made him famous could also lead to his downfall. The famed cop has now attracted negative press after he was caught on camera wildly kicking and slapping an auto driver in the city.

The cop was said to have beaten the autorickshaw driver after he mistakenly entered into a ‘no entry zone‘. The auto-driver was beaten up at High Court Crossing by Ranjit, who is also known as Singham.

In the video, Ranjit could be seen slapping and kicking the autodriver. Ranjit rose to prominence after his ‘moonwalk’ style of traffic policing in Indore went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the video of the cop beating the auto driver has gone viral on social media with people berating the traffic for his ‘arrogant’ behaviour.

Ranjit Singh grabbed the attention of the people for his Michael Jackson dance moves on the road while manning the traffic. The 38-year-old Ranjit became a social media sensation with nearly 50,000 people following his activities on Facebook.

Earlier, Ranjit claimed the traffic violations declined drastically at the high court intersection where he is currently posted. An Indian university is also said to be studying his tactics to see whether he has cut traffic jams too.


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