The Death Threats You Won’t Read About For Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s parents have received death threats and messages of hate yet you will not see this in the mainstream media, why? Because the threats have been made to the parents of  Donald Trump the two year old from Afghanistan.

At his home in Kabul, two year-old Donald Trump rolls around the modest family home, blissfully unaware of the turmoil around him. It is not his fault,  but the fault of his parents who named the young boy after the US president, trying to gain attention and limelight and thinking that by doing so, they may get a Visa out of Afghanistan. The backlash may not have been something that they had thought about.

The father, who is a fan of the American tycoon turned President of the US, Sayed Assadullah Pooya says, he and his wife are flooded with “vulgar and insulting” messages daily.

Facebook users have threatened to kill Sayed for naming his son Trump.  Rumors have also spread, indicating that Sayed might be using his son’s name to get asylum in the US, no shit Sherlock?
Now Sayed has even closed his FB account after receiving death threats.

Sayed says, “When I go out of the house I feel intimidated.”
Trump was born in Daikundi, just before the 2016 US elections.

Sayed decided to call his son Donald Trump after reading the Persian versions of US president’s books: “How to get rich.”

Even Sayed’s parents broke off relations with their children after Sayed named his son Trump.


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