The EPL 2018/19 Desi Artists Review


So there you have it, Manchester City are champions of the Premier League and as the press go to town with reviews of the season we thought it only right we do likewise, but with a desi twist!

Us being us, thought we would take a look at the Premier league tables final standing and pair each team with a desi artist who during the time frame of the 2018/19 season has seen his/her fortunes fluctuate as per the team they are associated with. Let us know your pairings and lets have a laugh! Remember this is just for comedy value as we know we have some very very sensitive artists out in the scene who struggle to grasp a sense of humour…..

Manchester City – Sidhu Moose Wala

When it comes to smashing records and being bling, Sidhu Moose Wala has had a stellar 2018/19 season, number ones globally and a hit album, Sidhu is running things at the moment! Yet, bad press dogs him as it does Man City’s spending – will it catch up with the pair in 2019/20

Liverpool –  Karan Aujla
Young and with a whole lot of passion, Karan Aujla is on the rise and with a solid global fan base, expect to see Karan grow and grow and he looks set to take the top spot in 2019/20, but will his beef with Sidhu Moose Wala blind him and his rage?

Tottenham Hotspurs – Amrit Maan
A big year from Amrit Maan, a very humble individual who like the Spur’s manager (who is wanted by the elite clubs) is wanted by all the Punjabi producers in the market. Big hits, tours have all stamped a good season for Amrit Maan, but with some big collaborations coming up, is the best yet to come for him and Spurs?

Chelsea – Jasmine Sandlas
Never out the headlines in 2018/19 Jasmine caused a stir with her live shows and yet had some standout singles to cement another solid year, but just like Chelsea, a loyal fan base is being tested as they wait to hear the new album or like Chelsea’s transfer ban will this also be delayed yet again?

Arsenal – Sharry Maan
2018/19 was going to be a great year for Sharry Maan, a new film and working with new labels, but except for a couple of singles, Sharry did flatter to deceive as the year went on. A standout single in ‘Yaar Jigre Kasooti Degree’ was the highlight, but just like Arsenal’s  Patrick Aubameyang, a joint Golden Boot award means the spotlight is being shared with others who seem to have upped their games!

Manchester United – Garry Sandhu
A very public split with a loved one, headlines for the wrong reasons and yet Garry Sandhu still managed a couple of standout singles, nothing like in his past but the did appease his large following at times during the season. Garry like Man Utd needs to ensure he focuses on what made him great otherwise just like Ole’s wheel it’s a car crash waiting to happen.

Wolves – Gurj Sidhu
The growth and improvement in Gurj Sidhu has been very visible, from battling it out with domestic singers Gurj has now firmly landed with the big boys, from Adha Pind to Baby the tracks keep coming. 2019/20 will be a big season for Gurj and Wolves, will they flatter to deceive or will the growth continue?

Everton – Elly Mangat
Good old Elly, just when you feel he is on the cusp of something big, boom, we have an own goal, whether it be public interviews or brawls in hotels Elly needed to appease his following and just like Everton’s end to the season Elly’s new album has saved what looked like a poor season.

Leicester – JK
You can’t keep a good singer down, and JK has had an impressive 2018/19, live shows with the BBC, TV appearances and just like Leicester City who turned their attentions to Brendan Rodgers for better year ahead, JK dropped ‘Bhabieh’ cementing a solid wedding season coming up and laying the foundations for future releases in 2019/20.

West Ham – Gurlej Akhtar 
Just like the West Ham board room the Queen of the duet has firmly now settled into her place as the ruler of all things ‘joint! West Ham have a board room that has Karan Brady leading the line and making a mark for women in business and Gurlej is wrestling the duet supremacy back off men firmly into the hands of the ladies!

Watford – Ammy Virk
A solid year and the best may well be yet to come. Ammy Virk has outperformed many this season with a couple of big hits and now, as Watford look to Europe to grow their appeal, Ammy looks set to blow Bollywood up with his new acting roles. But, Watford and Ammy need to remember it is a solid desi work ethic that got them there, don’t forget that!

Crystal Palace – Mankirt Aulakh
After a string of huge hits Mankirt has failed to really step up to the mark this season, all the foundations were laid, a whole load of new investments were in place after his tours, but he just failed to hit the heights. Crystal Palace are overly reliant on Zaha and after experimenting with new producers Mankirt might just have come to the conclusion he is as reliant on a couple of producers.

Newcastle – Jordan Sandhu
Huge fan base in Punjab, Jordan is loved by collage students, his swagger and style are unique to him, but this season, Jordan Sandhu has been a bit all over the shop attempting to recreate the success of ‘Teje Week’. Bunty Bains (Jordan Sandhu Manager) is Jordans Rafa Benitez and if Bunty goes off to do his own thing, Jordan will not be a happy man.

Bournemouth – Rupinder Handa
A desperate attempt to make the headlines in 2017/18 saw Rupinder have a spat with Babbu Maan, she hit the limelight and her publicity was at an all time high – But, what happened? Just like Bournemouth who invested hard and tried to impress with a new style, things just plateaued out to a damp and dreary season.

Burnley – Ninja
This guy, not known overly well, yet is always fighting to be heard, a great voice and even after a poor start to the year he has managed to make an impact late on with a couple of solid single releases and live shows. Ninja like Sean Dyche will need to asses his team and think – do i need to mix up and look at new producers!

Southampton – Ranjit Bawa
Just so underwhelming, a good season was predicted, but just like Mark Hughes time at Southampton the season just kept running into trouble, singles that missed the mark, expectations from big collaborations also missed the mark and it now seems as if Ranjit Bawa is rebuilding to stay in the big league.

Brighton – Sunanda Sharma
It was all laid out, a couple of TV appearances to grow Sunanda’s audience followed by a big Bollywood release to build on some good years of growth. But, just like Brighton, thinking to far ahead can see you missing a trick or two and after a couple of awkward live shows, the Bollywood thing just looks like too big a step! 2019/20 will Sunanda and Brighton still be a part of the big league or is the future doomed by dreams of grandeur

Cardiff – Amar Sajaalpuria
So much was expected from Amar Saaalpuria when he confirmed a set of new single releases with various new producers, but things just never seemed to have panned out for him. No serious marketing campaigns or big show appearances have hampered him like Cardiff City’s inability to keep up with the big boys! Huge year coming up for Amar, he needs to get back up with the big boys!

Fulham – Shenaaz Gill
You can have all the glitz and glam you want, but if you misdirect your spend and assets then, well it can all come down rather quickly around you as Shenaaz Gill found out after her beef with Himanshi. Choosing an icon of the Punjabi scene to beef with Shenaaz Gill soon saw her popularity dry up with several other Premier League teams taking the opportunity to hand out a some vital finishing lessons.

Huddersfield – Mukh Mantri
Who you may ask? Mukh Mantri took social media by storm with his YouTube videos that saw him become viral in Punjab and he then ended up releasing a few songs, but after picking beefs with the likes of Sidhu Moose Wala to try an stay relevant, his popularity just flat-lined. What next for the social media ‘star’ a further decline into the abyss or a humbling return with a new style!


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