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Earlier today we highlighted a remix that had been doing the rounds from a DJ known as KSinghB, and how it had upset many due to people thinking it had not crediting the original guys that produced the version his mix had used.

Fair play to KSingB who has now removed the remix and gave us the following explanation as to why.

It takes a big man to talk straight when daggers are being thrown.

KSinghB: When I initially put the track up on Instagram – i mentioned it was a remix. I did also mention it on soundcloud, I can see that, where I mention the original owners Das Desi on Soundcloud does not show up on the app or on phones, but only on desktops.

I have taken down the mix as it has led to bad publicity and i just did not want the hassle, this has led me to fall out with another DJ and I just do not want the hassle of that on social media.

Fair play to the K Singh B for getting in touch to sort this issue out!

Original Article:

One of the most innovative albums to be released in 2018 was Danger Zone by DAS Dhami of Das Music, the album got global recognition and is still on repeat today, one of the stand out tracks from the album was the song ‘Jhang Diyan Kuriyan’.

Music is about sound manipulation, and people do release songs that do sound like others, and when DJ’s mix tracks they mostly do give credit to the creators of the original track. When artists/dj’s do not mention or give credit to the original song creators – then that is out of order!

So we were contacted by several people over the last two days about a mix by KSinghB that sounds just like the DAS Music song ‘Jhang Diyan Kuriyan’. Damn…. We will use this song as an example of how things can get out of hand if perceived credit is not given to the artists. On soundcloud we see no mention of the original artists, and that is an issue.

It is stuff like this that see’s people mock the DJ scene as fraudulent! Ethically it is simple, give props to the original body of work, highlight where it came from and then state that this is your version of that song. Support the original creator first and foremost only then will that same goodwill work its way back to YOU!

Tag the original creators into your body of work, if they don’t like it they can remove the tag, but you have done right ethically by adding them and tagging them.

Taking full credit for something you have not created and giving props to others is a big big NO!

Oh, if you missed out the DAS Music/Danger Dhami album check it out here in full!


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