The Friday Night Social – “Desi Trending”


Welcome to the Friday night social, grab yourself a drink take a seat and lets go through this weeks trending stories in Whats App groups, @Realdespardes are on the case!

Every Friday and Saturday we will bring you a round of what is popping in peoples groups, any contributions, please get in touch we will credit you, but unlike “You’ve Been Framed” we will not be paying you a penny, just the chance for glory.

This reply to Jasmin Bhullar blew up that much, she closed her twitter account! The protein baba had to find another way off getting his protein

You know the saying people, Suns out ….

Never trust a car salesman they say!!!

Amir Khan, the man is back in the ring soo, but needs someone else to manage his social media lol!!

This video responce got over 1m views, and fair play Amir you got to air your side of the story lol

So this is not for the squeamish, a great set up, but the finish was lacking! Oh and those accents!

If the Suit says one size fits all, then why does it not fit!

Ghera, Ghera and More Ghera, this lady must have popped an E

And the award for most upset cop of the week goes too ……

Just mans playing cards, what could go wrong?




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