The Friday Night Social – Part 2


The Friday Night Social has now almost become a daily social! No longer are videos just being compiled on a weekly basis, weekly is now like a lifetime. So as we release more viral videos let us take a look back at our 2nd Friday Night social.

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Every Friday in association with @RealDesPardes we will bring you a round of what is popping in peoples groups, any contributions, please get in touch we will credit you, but unlike “You’ve Been Framed” we will not be paying you a penny, just the chance for glory.

This is what happens when you invite a gora to a wedding and he takes full advantage of the free bar and then loses his f**ckin marbles when jija sali comes on….

This is gold! The guy sitting next to the storyteller is the funniest, he got us cracking up!

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn In Da Hood brother 

Big question is, was it egg-free? 

Man has moves, ain’t no party like mad munda party 

Who won this? Punjabi’s like to slap and not punch, these crazy mofo’s be throwing these barefoot kicks in! 


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