The Full Elly Mangat Interview – All This Over Social Media Beef??


The recent Elly Mangat v Rami Randhawa beef spilt over bigtime. Now in an honest and frank interview, Elly Mangat has spoken about his treatment at the hands of the Punjab Police. Whether you think the beef was right or wrong, one thing you have to say is Elly speaking out on Punjabi soil is a huge deal. The police could arrest him at any time, as we are aware they police themselves.

Check out the full interview here where Elly Talks about:

  • A Police officer saying that Elly will be turned gay
  • He was made to beg
  • Money was demanded from him for his release
  • How he was beaten and it was videoed
  • He was stripped naked and beaten
  • His family were mocked and he was told ‘let your family die’

Check out the Elly Mangat Interview here:


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