The Hounslow Gurdwara Incident – Apology Issued


Videos went viral on Sunday of an Incident that took place on the car park of a Gurdwara. The Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Hounslow has today issued a letter about the incident which is below. In addition to the letter is an apology from one of the gentlemen who was seen in the video.

Apology Issued by a man involved:

The video shows a group of men standing around a car boot outside the Gurdwara in Hounslow. The men are then confronted by two gentlemen who inform them that they should not be consuming ‘drink’ on the Gurdwara premises. An argument the takes place and comments are exchanged. This led to outrage on social media as Sikhs condemned the men for their actions. Sikh groups and tv stations have all raised questions about why people would do such a thing.


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