The Hyperama Armed Robbery – 6 Jailed As Inside Job Details Emerge


It was April 2018 when a gang of 6 men staged a daring and terrifying robbery.  The attack was on the West Bromwich based Cash and Carry Hyperama. It was estimated goods taken totalled £500,000. The gang has now been jailed for a total of 50 years.

The Attack: 
  • 5 of the gang burst into Hyperama as it was being locked up for the night.
  • Masked and armed with a gas-powered gun and baseball bat, the men entered the building through an insecure rear door.
  • Two staff still on duty were confronted the two members of staff still on duty.
  • Floor manager Dean Berrington and supervisor Darvinder Kang were bound hand and foot with Gaffer tape.
  • Kang was beaten and ‘hog-tied’ for 45 minutes while the raiders ransacked the cigarette store.
  • The stolen goods were moved to a large Mitsubishi van from the Hyperama fleet.
  • The gang knew the codes to unlock the store, safe and the vehicle ignition key cabinet because the robbery was an inside job and Berrington was the go-between.
  • Berrington had worked his way up through the company ladder was responsible for security.
  • He along with the gang’s ring leader Jay Brownhill who has since been killed in a motorcycle accident plotted the robbery
Pretending to be a victim

Berrington tried to hide his involvement by alerting police after the two men freed themselves and “went through the farce of being a victim,” said Ms Raj Punia, prosecuting.

Officers were told the company van used by the gang had a tracker which showed it went to the home of shopkeeper Satnam Singh in Jesson Road, Walsall. They swooped on the address and found the 52-year-old father-of-three in the garage that was filled with a large portion of the £500,000 cigarettes stolen during the robbery with £18,000 from the safe.

Most of the cigarettes were recovered but only £4,000 of the stolen money was found.

It was discovered in Berrington’s kitchen after it became clear he had double-crossed his boss.

Daine Major, aged 19, Jordan Warren, 20, and Paul Bardsley, 44, were arrested after being discovered outside the house in a VW Golf, owned by Brownhill who had left his wallet and was detained soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the gun was found in the Mitsubishi van.

Inside man Berrington was jailed for 10 years while Morris and Singh were both locked up for nine years. Bardsley, of Stoney Lane, Yardley, Warren, of Andrew Road, West Bromwich, and Major, of Juniper Drive, Walsall, all pleaded guilty.

Bardsley was jailed for nine years and Warren and Major were locked up for seven years and six years four months respectively.


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