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Early this year it was Greggs winning the vegan headlines with its meat-free sausage rolls. Now, we have KFC’s ‘The Imposter Burger’. So I popped into one of the select KFC stores to see if this new meat-free burger was in fact an imposter on the vegan market.

I tweeted early this morning stating that since turning vegetarian, KFC was one of the fast-food outlets I missed most. So, when I read that KFC was trialling a vegan burger called the ‘The Imposter Burger’ with all 14 secret herbs and spices present. This I had to try!

OK, this new ‘imposter Burger’ is nothing amazing to write home about, it is a basic ‘chicken’ burger with lettuce and vegan mayo served in a classic brioche roll. So if you were expecting some fancy ingredients to go with this, stop, it is a burger plain and simple. One of the first things we noticed was there is no cheese, when we asked about this we were informed that no vegan cheese was found that would melt or had the same mouthfeel as dairy. So it was left off! Fair play to KFC.

The Burger Experience:
So we have lettuce, vegan mayo and our vegan chicken alternative. You know what, it is quite impressive, as we bite in I get that KFC coating sensation. All 14 elements are present and my friend who has come in with me commented that had she not known it was meat-free she would not have been able to tell straight away.

As impressive as the chicken alternative is, it lacks that crunch and bite of the original KFC. That disappointed me, as I wanted that crunch and sensation that I got from a KFC chicken burger. I loved the non-chicken option, but it just didn’t seem like a KFC.

That said this is a genuinely good effort and hopefully something to build on for KFC. It can only get better. Hopefully, as the menu starts to offer more vegetarian/vegan options, KFC will work out how to add that crunch and snap to all its products.

The KFC Imposter Burger is slightly healthier than most things on the menu as explained by Victoria Robertson of KFC:

“It’s 450 calories,” says Robertson, making it ever so slightly less than the pre-existing fillet burger. “The Imposter Burger has less saturated fat, less fat, and less sugar, but that’s a nice extra, we want to make KFC more accessible to vegans and vegetarians and flexitarians who are trying to reduce their meat consumption, more than we’re trying to promote it as a healthy option.”

So does it get the Sabji Hunter approval? I’m glad it is here, I enjoyed it, but will I be rushing back? 6 out 10 for me! Good, but will get better.


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