The Indian Police Training Day That Has People In Stitches


The Indian Police force does have its moments and once again it has not failed in making us smile. In a scene to make-believe even for the Police Academy franchise Policemen in Uttar Pradesh went on a training day! Nothing wrong with that you say?

The training day scheduled for officers was to learn how to control a rampaging mob. The police officers were told they would be trained on galloping horses and that an angry mob would be waiting for them. Thing is, training days do not come cheap, and horses are kind of expensive! So what’s the next best thing?

Stick a broomstick between your legs and pretend you are riding a horse?! OMG

Defending the move, Inspector Ram Ikshah said, ”The mock drill was related to crowd management, since we did not have horses, we symbolically conducted the exercise where the cops presumed that they were on a horseback.”


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