The Jammu Police Sign That Has Gone Viral


Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic (Rural Jammu), has ordered an enquiry after someone changed the word ‘driving’ to ‘drinking’ on a signboard installed by the department at Pir-Ki-Gali on Mughal Road. But, people are saying that the sign originally said ‘drinking’ and not ‘driving’.

According to sources in the traffic police, the signboard reading ‘Don’t use mobile phone while driving’ was installed by the Traffic Police (Rural Jammu) at Pir-Ki-Gali. Recently, pictures of the signboard with the message ‘Don’t use mobile phone while drinking’ went viral on social media, denting the image of the department and senior officers.

The SSP, in his enquiry order, said some miscreants must have changed the word ‘driving’ with ‘drinking’ on the signboard, which was a matter of serious concern. Though locals are saying the sign did actually read ‘drinking’ and not ‘driving’  when it was first installed.

“In order to identify and fix the responsibility of defaulters, a preliminary enquiry is hereby ordered with immediate effect”, reads the order issued by SSP Mohan Lal Kaith. Mohd Rafiq, DSP (Traffic), Rajouri-Poonch range, has been asked to conduct the enquiry and furnish his report /recommendations to his office for further course of action.


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