The Kidd – Two Releases In Two Days! Check Them Out Here


The Kidd is becoming one of the ‘go-to’ producers for Punjabi singers. A string of hits in 2019 saw him getting props as one of the Producers of the year. Hot on the heels that success more singles have been released in 2020. Old Skool by Prem Dhillon, Sidhu Moose Wala and Nseeb is one of the early contenders for song of the year.

This weekend saw The Kidd feature on three big releases. Friday was Qismat by Varinder Brar. This was followed by two more singles. Check out our reviews of Sherni Banke by singer Navaan Sandhu and 5 Goliyaan by Sabi Bhinder here:

Sherni Banke Naavan Sandh:

Singer Naavan Sandhu has become a firm favourite with many younger Punjabi music fans thanks to his songs with Manni Sandhu. Radio, Do Pal and In Demand are all songs that made waves in the last 12 months. The trademark hip hop sound from the Kidd is evident throughout. This has a real summer west coast feel to it. The humour in the lyrics comes across well with in the visuals. This may well be a grower as the year goes on and the sun comes out. For us this is added to the playlist, summer or not, this is a fun vibe.

5 Goliyaan Sabi Bhinder

This once again has a unique hip hop feel. 5 Goliyan is very different to Sherni Banke. This is more edgy and dark. This is one of those songs that seems to be a part of the production line. Guns, pomp and self-indulgence. Lyrically the song does see us lose interest. This whole gangst vibe still needs to be done right. Musically this works, lyrically though…. Onto the next one for us!

With songs coming out almost weekly, let’s hope The Kidd doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming a production factory. A special sound and blend can soon become very repetitive if released every few days.

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Check out Friday’s release from The Kidd feat. Varinder Brar called Qismat here:

Qismat Varinder Brar (Music The Kidd) – New Punjabi song 2020


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