The Letter That Led To The Mohammed Sadiq & Ranjit Kaur Split


It was reported that Ranjit Kaur had stated she would sing live one more time with Mohammed Sadiq if he won his seat in the recent India elections, which he did. Yet no mention of the live performance has been forthcoming and raises the question whether the split between the legendary Punjabi singing duet was less amicable than it first seemed?

Why did they split?

Well according to our friends at Ghaint Punjab, the split all stems from a fan letter sent to Mohammed Sadiq received whilst at a show with Ranjit Kaur.

That fan had sent a written message stating “Earlier I used to get a sweet hangover after hearing your songs but now even the hangover of wine fades away after hearing the voice of Ranjit Kaur.”

According to Ghaint Punjab – This message completely shook the confidence of Mohammad Sadiq and eventually, it brought him to a juncture where he had to arrive at a firm conclusion. Grieving Sadiq heavy heartedly took the decision of parting ways as he believed that the voice of his partner had lost its charm and had now started disenchanting even those who stood by him for decades.



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